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Church Building Broadview Baptist Church began in 1959 as Broadview Baptist Chapel, in the house at the corner of SW 17th Street and SW 61st Avenue. In 1961, the building at 1640 SW 61st Avenue was built, and 1977 saw the addition of classroom space around the original building.

During Broadview's 50-plus years of history, the church has only had six pastors, with Pastor Jeff Snyder as number six. Broadview Baptist Church from its inception, has been in fellowship with the General Association Of Regular Baptist Churches, (GARBC).

Click on the "Leadership" link at the left to learn more about Broadview's leadership. The "" link will provide you with a statement of faith, giving you Broadview's doctrinal statement.

Broadview Baptist Church is a small, independent Baptist church located in the North Lauderdale area, just one block west of US 441 and one block south of McNab Road in the greater Fort Lauderdale metro area.

In case you missed the logo at the left, we fellowship with the General Association of Regular Baptist Churches. It's not a convention, so even though we associate with the GARBC, we are still an independent Baptist church, self-governing and self-owned.

We're conveniently hidden behind the McNab 7 shopping center on US 441. That wasn't by design, nor by choice, so don't get the wrong idea.

Broadview's style of worship is pretty much a traditional style, but definitely is not formal. You'll find people like to get to know each other here, and there is a real sense of spiritual family going on.

Music? Yes, we have music. We use these things called hymnbooks and have a pianist and an organist, but we also sing worship choruses, and our choir has been known to sing music written later than the year 2014.

How on earth do you find us? Click here for a map to get you to the church. Aren't online maps great?

The preaching is mostly from the New King James Version of the Bible but the pastor also frequently refers to and quotes the KJV and the NASB versions in his messages.

The emphasis on ministry at Broadview is the Word of God. The preaching and teaching of God's Word is central to everything we do here. The practice of God's Word is also central to the spiritual life for all members at Broadview Baptist. After all, it is the Word Of God.

Christmas Party 2009 The demographic at Broadview includes lots of younger couples, many with small children. It's a good mix; younger couples with or without small children, several middle-aged couples with adult children, and enough senior saints to provide the wisdom from which the rest of us need to learn.

Once in a great while, we set aside a special Sunday evening service to poke fun at ourselves. We're not too stuffy; just stuffy enough, and we sure know how to laugh at ourselves. We call that evening "The Lighter Side of Broadview." Sometimes, "Ronbo", left, meets up with Black Bart, right.

So that's us. Like we tell people, we're not fancy, we're just plain folks, and we're here. We would love to have you come visit us, stay and maybe even become part of our church family. We would like to not be a small church forever. Medium would be nice, or even semi-large sounds good. Whatever size the Lord makes us, you'll find us here at the corner of SW 61st Avenue and SW 17th Street, fulfilling what our motto says: